Booming Boys Basketball

Hey Mustangs! This season Our eighth grade boys' basketball team has done a great job over all with only losing 2 games this season so far.

On leap day, February 29, 2016, our eighth grade boys' basketball team came out victorious playing against the Fesler Falcons. At this home game, Zack, "The Tool Man" Taylor scored a wapping 6 points along with Jacob, "Pretty Boy" Galloway scoring another 6. We won the game 46 to 35. In Reid Alfords' opinion of this game, "We took care of the ball and had a lot of fast break points." Meanwhile, Mr. Salinas, the coach said, "They were united for three and a half quarters then got sloppy toward the end so now I will make them pay by running." Way to go Mustangs!

On March 3, 2016 our very own Mustang boys took on the mighty Trojans here at Orcutt Junior High and sadly took their second defeat of the season losing 37 to 33. Even though we lost, Logan, "Chef" Mortenson scored 6 point and Zack, "Elvis" Guerrero score 7. After the loss, Jacob Galloway said, "We played well, even though we could have played better. We fought hard, but things didn't go our way." When asked how he thought the game went, Coach Salinas said, "The boys played hard and I can't say I am disappointed in them, we attempted 30 free throws and only made 12. They fought tough and aggressively and I am proud of them for that." Nice try Mustangs!

On March 9, 2016, our mighty Mustangs took on Arellanes in an away game and took out a victory winning 36 to 26. In this game Caesar Lopez and Zack Guerrero both score 4 points while Zack Taylor and Jacob Galloway both contributed 7 points. After this game, all Kai Karimitsos had said was, "Thumbs up emoji!" While Coach Salinas who always has something to say unlike Kai said, "We fought hard even though half the team abandoned us, but the half that did stay fought valiantly!" Nice job Mustangs!

On March 10, 2016, our spot on boys beat Tommie Kunst here at Orcutt 37 to 26. In this captivating game, Zack, "Elvis" Guerrero scored 14 of the 37 points and Zack, "The Tool Man" Taylor also helped contribute11 points. Coach Salinas said, "It was a physical game, the boys fought tough, and I am surprised I didn't get T'd up." When asked how he felt about the game Mason Gonzales said, "We did good as a team and we played with a lot of effort and came through with a win." Keep it up Mustangs!

On March 15, 2016, our great boys' basketball team took yet another victory here at Orcutt Junior High. This time they won against Lompoc Valley Middle School winning 41 to 30. Zack Taylor lead the night contributing 19 points while Jacob Galloway, also made a high scoring amount of points making 2/2 free throws and scoring 12 more points after that. Drew Bachman said in a serious tone, "Both our offence and defense played on fleek." While Mr. Salinas had used some different words, "It took a total team effort to defend a much bigger, faster and better looking Lompoc team and our boys were up to the challenge. Awesome job guys!" Mr. Salinas, as well as everyone else at the school agrees, awesome job guys!

On March 17, 2016 our boys' basketball team took on El Camino and at El Camino gym and they made what should have been a record breaking amount of points winning 55 to 12. During this game Simon Pierce scored 11 points while Zack Guerrero scored 9 points. This game brought back memories to Mr. Salinas as he said, "It's weird to go back to my old junior high." While very excitedly Isaac Luque said, "0-100 real quick!" Keep it up Mustangs!

On March 21, 2016, in a close game against the McKenzie Bobcats from Guadalupe our boy came out on top with a 42 to 38 win. At this home game, Zack Taylor made 19 points while Logan Mortensen scored 7. After this game Mr. Salinas felt proud and said, "Oh my, we finally hit our free throws!" After this close game Zack Taylor, a man of little words, said in a monotone voice, "Good game." You're doing great Mustangs!

On March 22, 2016, on our second to last game of the season our boys pulled out a win! The boys played against Vandenberg Middle School and won 24 to 56. During the game, our boys made 7 of 10 free throws of the 7 Simon Pierce Made 4 and later contributing 4 more points. Zak Taylor, Isaac Luque, and Cesar Lopez all made the score board numbers go up by each making more than 10 points. After the game Coach Salinas said, "Offensively we played great. Sadly we couldn't do all we wanted because the other squad only had 5 players, this led to us being less aggressive than normal." Mikey Madrigal said, "It was a tough adjustment, but we got used to it." Way to go Mustangs!

So far our eighth grade boys' basketball team for 2016 has done an amazing job. In Coach Salinas opinion he said, "So far I am very proud of these boys. They are my favorite team, since last year." It is pretty safe to say that next years' team will have a lot to live up to. Good look future Mustangs!

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