The Lady Mustangs are Unstoppable!

Hey Mustangs! Our astonishing eighth grade girls' basketball team has played their way to several victories. So far the team is conquering all comers. Keep up the great work Mustangs!

Our fearless girls had an incredible win against Fesler with 31 points to 17, on February 29, 2016. Mackenzie Kestler did an outstanding job that night with a total of 7 points, Kaileigh Baichtal finished off with 6 points and Delaney Duran and Amanda Tonascia both did a splendid job with 5 points also. When asked about the teams determination and hard work, Miranda Angulo proudly replied, "Everyone worked hard, and got that win from the easy falcons." When Coach Sal was asked about how the game went, he explained, "Tonight, the girls stepped up. We controlled the boards and our defense played well."

Our amazing girls also demolished Lakeview on March 3, 2016, by 19 points. The final score was 41 to 22. Mariah Lopez did an excellent job by scoring 10 points and both Miranda Angulo and Abby Almon, got 6 points each. Amanda Tonascia happily commented, "We all participated and contributed to the win. It's all worth it in the end." Coach Sal even added to the victory stating, "Tonight, I was very proud of the team. Everyone stepped up their game and it showed on the court. It's always a good feeling to beat our rivals." Good job lady mustangs!

On March 9, 2016, our astonishing girls came out with another wonderful victory against Arellanes by the scores 45 to 16. Mariah Lopez led the night with 16 amazing points. When Delaney Duran was asked about the team's technique she happily replied, "We all did an amazing job slowing things down and not rushing. It all paid off since we got that win!" Coach Sal implied, "It was a good game tonight. Everyone played well. The team is ready for the TK game."

On March 10, 2016, our girls came out with another wonderful victory against Tommie Kunst, 32 to 29. Both Miranda Angulo and Mariah Lopez led the night with 10 points each! When asked about team effort, Emily Golden enthusiastically said, "We all contributed to the game and worked hard to get that win as a team." Coach Sal thankfully said, "We almost gave up the game in the fourth quarter but we never gave up and was able to hold on for the win. It was a big victory for the girls. They deserved the win."

Our wonderful girls destroyed Lompoc Valley Middle School 47 to 8, on March 15, 2016. Mariah Lopez, once again, leads the night with 12 points, while Kaileigh Baichtal and Abby Almon each scored 6 points. When asked about the victory, Cameron Reynoso proudly said, "We played the score board and the defense. This is definitely a milestone to our school." Coach Sal even commented, "The girls played a well balanced game. Our team defense had really stepped up the last few games and it shows on the court."

On March 17, 2016, our phenomenal girls had another amazing victory against El Camino by only two points, 40 to 38. Mackenzie Kestler was the scoring leader with a total of 10 points, while Miranda Angulo scored 5 points. When asked about the victory, Julia Galloway replied, "It was a great win, because not only one person scored the points, we all did." Coach Sal also commented, "Tonight was a big win for the girls. We played against a good team and our defense again, secured the victory. I am very happy with everyone's play."

Our wonderful girls, once again, earned an amazing win against The Bobcats from Guadeloupe, McKenzie, with 40 to 19 victory on March 21, 2016. Mackenzie Kestler did an outstanding job that night, scoring 16 points, with Mariah Lopez scoring 9 points. When asked about the win, Mackenzie Kestler honestly confirmed, "It was a very close game and we underestimated McKenzie. Then on the second quarter, we finally broke through, and earned that win." Coach Sal added to that, stating, "We started off slow tonight. It was 13 to 13, and our defense clamped down second half. We out scored them 27 to 6. I'm very happy with our game."

Our Lady Mustangs earned another win against Vandenberg Middle School by the scores, 23 to 19, on March 22, 2016. Both Mackenzie Kestler and Mariah Lopez did a fantastic job that night, scoring 6 points each. When asked about the win, Mariah Lopez responded, "I think we worked hard together. We started off a little slow, but we were able to step it up, and it all worked out in the end." Coach Sal even said, "Tonight was like a roller coaster. We were up and down, and we finally tied and took the lead with 45 seconds left. So I'm very proud of everyone. No one ever gave up and fought to the end."

Great job Lady Mustangs!

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