Lady Mustangs Conquer the World

Hello Mustangs! Our fearless 8th grade girls’ basketball team shot their way to every victory Huddlethey could achieve. Sadly, of course there were some tough losses with outcomes the girls could learn from. So far, our girls have had three victories and only two losses, but have played extremely phenomenal against the easy and difficult teams.

Our amazing girls destroyed El Camino with 48 points to 24 on January 26, 2016. Miranda Angulo did an outstanding job that night with a total of 16 points, Amanda Tonascia finished off with 15 points, and Mariah Lopez did a splendid job with 15 points also. When asked what The Giant (Mariah Lopez) goal was for this season, she happily replied, “My biggest goal this season is to improve my basketball skills and to help my teammates improve as well.” “I thought for our first game overall everyone did good… there are areas we need to work on. It was a good first victory…” Coach Sal commented.

Our Lady Mustangs demolished Guadalupe on February 2, 2016, by 18 points with the final score 42 to 24. Mariah Lopez did an excellent job with getting 20 points and both Miranda Angulo, and Amanda Tonascia, got 9 points each. Delanie Duran determinedly said, “I’m friends with all the girls and we’re all really friends on and off the court. So practice is really fun with them because we work as a team.” “We played great team defense. I was happy with everyone’s play tonight.” Coach Sal explained.

On February 4, 2016, our astonishing girls came out with another wonderful victory against Fesler with the scores 34 to 16. Mariah Lopez, once again, led the night with 15 amazing points. “I think none of the teams are hard because Orcutt is the best team. My biggest goal this season is to crush Lakeview.” Miranda acknowledged. Coach Sal implied, “Another good team win. Our defense for the most part did a great job. A few times we stood up right and got the beat of the ball. Minor things we can fix at practice…”

Sadly on February 9, 2016, our Mustang Ladies had a tough loss against Vandenberg Middle School with the score 28 to 22. Mariah Lopez did a brilliant job and scored 9 points, also Abby Allmon scored 4 points. Tough times can happen, but our girls can learn from them. Amanda announced, “Everyone supports each other after a sad loss, and we learn from our mistakes.” “The team was down because they knew they did not play well. We made too many turn overs. I told them that we can bounce back tonight vs Tommie Kunst,” Coach Sal explained.

On February 24, 2016, our jaw-dropping Lady Mustangs beat Arellanes with a whopping 54 to 12. Incredible job girls! Mariah Lopez, again, had a superb night with 16 points, Mackenzie Kestler scored 8 amazing points, and Miranda Angulo scored 10 astounding points. Katelyn (Bree Dizzle) yelled, “We balled up out there, and I’m super happy that we were able to win again!” “Everyone got quality minutes and contributed. I’m very happy with the team play.” Coach Sal happily said.

Delightful, amazing job Lady Mustangs! Hope you guys finish the season off with an astonishing record!

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