Bouncing Boys Basketball

Congratulations to our eighth grade boys’ basketball team who pounded their opponents. With Benchonly one loss, but an astonishing six wins so far, our boys played their hearts out.

Our mighty Mustangs smashed El Camino with a win 67 to 16 on January 26, 2016. Drew Bachman led the boys with 12 points, while Isaac Luque was close behind with 9 points. Co-captain, Jacob Galloway, thought that they played really well and that it was a great team win. “It was a great first game. I was able to get everybody into the game, and it was a good game to build on,” Coach Salinas mentioned.

Our second game was yet another victory for the boys. The boys’ squad demolished the Guadalupe Bobcats 49 to 21 on February 2, 2016 in Guadalupe. During the game, Zak Taylor scored 14 points! “We played good defense and we hustled,” said player, Reid Alford. Coach Salinas commented, “The boys started off a little slow offensively, but their defense made up for it. They got into a better offensive rhythm later in the game.”

On February 4, 2016 they took on the Fesler Falcons at Fesler. It was another great game, the boys won 46 to 32. Once again Zak Taylor led the boys with 14 points. Zach Guerrero mentioned, “I had a great time watching and keeping score.” Coach Salinas quoted, “I wasn’t overly happy with our team defense. They seemed to have taken a step backwards, but on the other hand, our free throwing has vastly improved from last year. I’m sure as the season goes on we’ll get better or I’ll kill them.”

Our ferocious boys defeated Vandenberg Middle School 53 to 13 on February 9, 2016. Cesar Lopez led that game with 12 points, with Michael Madrigal scoring 9 points. When asked how the game went, Drew Bachman excitedly replied, “We had good ball movement, and we were extremely baller!” “Our team was down to only nine eligible members, but it didn’t matter because our team effort was excellent. I’m very proud of the way they played as a unit. I was also glad to see Kai’s grandma again,” Coach Salinas stated.

The fifth game we came out triumphant once again. On February 10, 2016 the boys beat Tommie Kunst 46-24! Zak Taylor, once again, led the night with 18 points, with Jacob (Pretty Boy) Galloway scoring 10 points. “The game went good, we all made an effort, and that’s why we won,” mentioned co-captain, Mason Gonzalez. Coach Salinas noted, “Last night was another total team effort, every player was productive and after yelling at them repeatedly, they were able to get it together and perform admirably.”

On February 16, 2016 our boys came short for the first time. They lost 32 to 44 against Lompoc Valley Middle School. Zach Guerrero and Cesar Lopez led the night with 8 points, but close behind, Jacob (Pretty Boy) Galloway and Zak Taylor each got 7 points. Kai Karamitsos implied, “Well, I feel like we just didn’t finish like we should have.” “It was a tough night under the basket for the boys, as they couldn’t take advantage of their inside opportunities,” Coach Salinas explained

On February 23, 2016 our boys came back again with a 47 to 22 win against Arellanes. Logan (Chef) Mortensen led the squad with 13 points! Michael Madrigal exclaimed, “We were great and we had good team work.” “It was a tough game in the sense of I couldn’t unleash the beast. Those are always tough games to coach when you know your team is much better than the other. I was able to give everyone enough court time as well,” described Coach Salinas

Awesome way to start off the season guys! Hopefully the boys can keep a winning streak throughout the rest of the season. Great job Mustangs!

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