7th Grade Boys

Hungry Hoopers

Wowee! This year's seventh grade basketball team is so far undefeated. Most of their gamesBoys have been a catastrophic conquest as well. Orcutt's game against Lakeview was victorious with a 51-35 in the Orcutt gym on November 23rd. Steven Vasquez scored 16 points and behind him was Jackson Moore with 14 points. Brett Buress said, "The game was fun and their team is easy." Coach Crowley said, "Congratulations team for beating a very fast and tough Lakeview team, it was you inside game and dominating the boards for the 2nd week in a row and your willingness to play team ball the second half that make all the difference in the win congratulations 9-0 Orcutt Mustangs!"

Our unyielding Orcutt basketball team has yet to stare defeat in its face. They played Lompoc Valley Middle School and came away with a victory 47-34 in their gym on November 30th. Isaiah Tell scored the most points with 15; Jeremey Reece and Steven Vasquez both scored 10 points. Steven Vasquez replied, "We were great!" Coach Crowley remarked, "I was happy with our play tonight. We were able to get some good transition fast breaks. Our team stepped up and helped with the victory."

A brand new month and our team is still victorious! On December 2nd, we played Fesler in our home gym. We won by a score of 47-32. The top scorers were Jeremey Reece with 11 and Isaiah Tell with 8. Isaiah Tell replied, "Pass the ball to Isaiah and we'll win!" Coach Crowley explained, "I was happy with our play tonight. We were able get some good transition fast breaks. Our defense stepped up and helped with the victory."

Continuing with the winning streak, our Mustangs played El Camino at their gym on December 3rd. The score was 37-27. Jeremey Reece scored the most with 12 fabulous points and Steven Vasquez right behind with 11. Jake Kies trilled, "We're on the road to victory." Coach Crowley jibbered, "We faced with adversity and a very slow start, as usual the team found a way to win. Congrats and still seeking the ultimate challenge of an undefeated season. Go Mustangs and coach out."

The Orcutt Mustangs in our gym played Lompoc again. We were the champions with a score of 30-24. Isaiah Tell scored 8 points and behind him was Brad Huebnerd with 7. Jeremey Reece quoted, "Our season was great and our defense got better." Coach Crowley stated, "Congratulations mustangs! That was a great game to watch and coach. The team was very physical and played all facets of the game. Complete team win. Very proud of all the boys. Plenty of momentum going into tomorrow's game. Continue fighting for the ultimate prize, Coach out."

Continuing with this nice streak, on December 9th, our Orcutt Mustangs were victorious against Tommie Kunst in their gym with a score of 50-37. Our top scorers were Brad Huebnerd with 11 points and Timothy Vine with 10. Timmy explained, "I made a lot of new friends and we are a good team." Coach Crowley quoted, "Mustangs played another great game against a very tough Kunst team. Their defense is improving and the offense was spread through the entire team. Free throw shooting improved. They continue to work hard and are improving. I'm very happy with their team spirit. They are very determined to have the perfect season. Coach out."

Only two more games in this season for our Mustangs to become undefeated. They beat Vandenberg Middle School again this time by a score of 43-33. Steven Vasquez scored 11 points and Isaiah Tell scored 8. Jackson Moore barked, "We've had a great season and our team is getting better every game." Coach Crowley recited, "The Mustangs played a very good village team and fought for another victory. Looking forward to closing out a very exciting season with Lakeview."

The Orcutt 7th grade Mustangs have had a great season! Good job Mustangs, Coach Crowley is proud of you guys.

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